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What kind of reunions do you plan?

Great question! The quick answer is that we plan Traditional and Destination Reunions. A "Traditional Reunion" is going to be a Friday or Saturday night dinner dance. Most of our events will either have a plated sit-down dinner or a buffet. If you're looking for something a little different; Maybe a Cruise Reunion? You may want to explore our Destination Reunions page!

No matter what kind of reunion you're thinking about, you're in the right place! With over 35 years in business, we've got you covered! To get started, please fill out our Planning Contact Form to set up a time to talk to one of our Reunion Managers to discuss your reunion. We look forward to talking with you!

Our Services

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We never require a deposit for our services and, unless you cancel your reunion, there’s never a financial obligation to National Reunion Services and we don’t cancel reunions for a low turn-out! Contact us today to find out more!

This is the first step in the planning process. Using our proprietary software, we’ll manage the reunion planning process including budgets, registration, reporting information and so much more.

Our team will work with your committee to find the perfect location for your reunion. One of the questions we often get is, “What venues do you work with?” The answer is, “All of them!” We don’t have specific venues that we work with or that we’re going to push you into. We’ll ask you about what you like and don’t like and then go looking for options. We like to say, “We find venues for clients, not clients for venues!”

With over 35 years of experience negotiating event contracts, we’ll work with the venue to get the best value for your event. Value – the balance between price and quality - is our main focus as we search for your venue.

Weather you’re reunion is at a hotel, a bar or a golf course, people coming in from out of town will need a place to stay. We’ll work with a local hotel to get a block of rooms set-aside so that there’s a central place for your classmate to stay.

Facebook is always changing and how we use it to market our reunions needs to change with it. We’ll help you navigate the do’s and don’ts for marketing your reunion on Facebook. We also have some great ideas and images for our clients to use!

Each of our reunions is listed on our Upcoming Reunions page. Once you click on our reunion, every page you visit from that point forward is for your event. This is a great place to share all of your event information in one place! To see an example of one of our reunion pages, checkout our Upcoming Reunions link and click on any of the active links.

Are you looking at having a reunion with your class and the class that graduated the year before you? We can do that! Did your Junior High feed into two High Schools and you’re thinking about having a combined reunion with both schools? We can do that too!

We’ll list your reunion on several websites to make it as easy as possible for your classmates to find out what’s going on. We’ll also help you get your reunion listed on sites that will list it for you, the reunion committee, that might not list it for us – such as your school’s alumni site. Just as important as the sites we help you list your reunion on are the sites you want to stay away from – yes, there are a few of those as well!

We’ll set up a shared document for you and your committee to use to track contact info for your classmates. Every few weeks, our staff will import the email address into our email marketing program and send out an email reminding classmates to register for you reunion! Want to personalize these emails, we love it! Try the links below to see examples of some of our best – and funniest – reunion marketing emails!
Email Marketing Sample 1   |    Email Marketing Sample 2   |   Email Marketing Sample 3

While most reunion communication happens digitally, and 98% of our registrations are processed through the internet, there are still a few people that want to send in a paper registration form with a check or money order. We’ve got your covered! We accept registrations via the internet, fax (yes, we still have a fax number!) mail or phone – we’re always happy to talk to a classmate and get them registered over the phone!

Allow your classmates to use their credit cards pay for their reunion tickets online, with confidence! Our credit cards are processed through As a leading payment gateway, is trusted by more than 430,000 merchants, handling more than 1 billion transactions and $149 billion in payments every year.

All of the pages on our website that you or your classmates will enter information into have been secured by Symantec’s SSL program and our SSL Certificates are continually upgraded to keep your data safe.

Once registered, your classmates will receive an email receipt and confirmation with your reunion details. They will also be able to log back into their account at any time to update their address, phone number or anything else they would like.

We find that our committees are often working when we’re not and need access to the information about their class. We have you covered! With our secure online committee reporting, you can log-in to your reunion account at any time and pull reports for your reunion.

We will produce your name badges for you! Don’t want your yearbook photo on your name badge, no worries! We’re happy to put your school mascot or logo on the badge instead; it’s totally your call!

At the reunion, a National Reunion Services staff member will be there to take care of your event and your classmates so that you can enjoy your reunion! Our staff will be set up at the registration desk, checking in classmates, registering last-minute attendees, working with the venue, managing the DJ, photographer, decorations, etc. We do the work, allowing you to enjoy your classmates and take the credit for a great event!

Music makes the event! It’s our policy to send a live DJ to all of our reunions (call and talk to us if you want to do something else). Our DJ’s are selected for their ability to “play to the crowd.” They will play period music through the reception and dinner and make the switch to dance music after dinner. Have requests? They will play what your classmates want to hear! We understand that some classes will want to dance the night away while other classes are all about a mellow evening talking to classmates. Our DJs will read the room and turn the music up or down and play music that’s appropriate for the room.

Reunions are all about great memories; remembering the great times we had yesterday and making new memories today! Our photographers can take committee photos, candids of the evening, group photos based on the grade school you attended, sports teams, and class photos. All of the photos we take are always included in the ticket price for your reunion – we don’t ask classmates to pay extra for pictures from the reunion!

While the committee is always welcome to bring as much décor as they want, there’s never a need! We’ll set the mood for your event with décor based on your school and school colors. Be sure to talk with your Reunion Manager for details and ideas based on your venue!

The 21st Century is here! Having been in business for over 30-years, we’ve seen memory books hand written, typed (like on a typewriter), then we moved to word processing and, over the past decade or so, we produced them on CDs or DVDs. Today, we email out a link to all attendees that will let them view the photos, memory book and address directory online from any web-enabled device. This is sent out to all reunion attendees at no additional charge – this is an included service for everyone that purchases a reunion ticket!

We’re often asked if we research classmates and mail to them. They short answer is, “Yes, we do this.” However, it’s an optional service that we don’t recommend for all classes. These are some of the costliest services we offer, and our goal is to keep your ticket price as low as possible. Today, there are so many ways to reach-out to your classmates without the expense of a physical mailing, that we do everything we can to avoid research and mailing. Please call to discuss this further and see if this is a service you need.

This is a marketing document and not part of a contract, an offer for services or a guarantee of pricing or services. Services and pricing are locked in at the time of contract and are subject to change until that time. Some services listed on this sheet are subject minimums, venue policies and availability.


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